This site is a place to record my thoughts from my official day job: as a mobile strategist for an innovative division of a large health care organization in Boston, MA.

Among other responsibilities, I have spent the last few months investigating what the world of mHealth has to offer. From new devices to new smartphones to new services, it’s clear that the tools available to consumers and professionals are expanding very rapidly. This blog will serve as much as a record for my own use as a resource for others.

About me:

I have a degree in Environmental Science, and began my career in a lab formulating calibration standards for a company that made inductively-coupled plasma spectrometers. Over time I moved into a customer service role and spent several years traveling the country conducting training and repairing complex optical and electronic systems. From there I jumped into a role at a growing networking company just before the Y2K boom, and rode the tech industry roller-coaster for 9 years in a variety of technical, sales, marketing, and service roles. I was ultimately responsible for service programs and for tracking and driving $30+ million in world-wide service revenue.

In 2008 I grabbed the opportunity to switch industries and join a group working on some very innovative health care projects. In my current role I am able to take my years of technical experience and apply them to building mHealth solutions. Since I’ve always been excited by technology, computers, networks, and mobile communications, I love being able to link my personal passions to my career.

Among other things, I am fluent in multiple computer Operating Systems (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux), I run a comprehensive home network with multiple dedicated servers, and I have hacked, customized, and flashed many mobile devices. I also hold a General Class amateur radio license and build my own antennas and equipment.


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